Bring sign language into your school
Bring sign language into your school

Welcome! Book an amazing day of Sign Language learning for your School

Sign Language Days are here. Find out why

Children are fascinated by sign language and love to learn it. Bring sign language into your school for the day

Discounts for Spring & Summer 2016

Save 15% on booking for Spring and Summer Terms 2016. Book a day for your school now

It's great! But don't just take our word for it

Both teachers and pupils loved learning sign language in their school. Read what one teacher thought

Real benefits for curriculum learning

Learning about the human body and the senses is in both Key Stage 1 and 2. Sign Language Day can also improves Ofsted results

How children benefit from learning sign

It's fun, enlightening and teaches children the basics of equality and inclusion. Sign language can also knock down barriers between kids

Learn to sing in sign language!

Bring the chorus of a song alive with rhythmic sign language to impress your audience. It's all part of a Sign Language Day

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