10 ways your pupils can benefit from a Sign Language Day

There are many reasons why children love to use sign language and also many benefits too. 

  1. Its fun to learn
  2. Sign language helps children understand how deaf people can communicate
  3. Sign Language Days open children's minds to equality and diveristy in our world
  4. Around the world 80 million people use sign language, knowing a few signs can help connect people
  5. There are many career paths associated with working with deaf people and sign language
  6. There are 40,000 deaf children in the UK with many who use sign language
  7. Sign Language Days teach children about thier sense of hearing and how to manage without it
  8. Learning signs can improve vocabulary and improve communication and fine motor skills
  9. Sign Language Days can help children understand the world from the perspective of people who don't rely on sound to communicate
  10. Learning about non-verbal communication can help children understand about why body language, tone and expressions are important tools in communication

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