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Happy in Hatfield!

Aimee De La Salle (Vice Principal and teacher of Owls year 2 class) was impressed when Sign Language Days visited Hatfield Community Free School.
We taught interesting and relevant sign language to classes of children throughout the whole day ending in a spectacular whole-school signed song. 
"The children had a wonderful day learning sign language with Andy and Anna as it was taught in such an active and exciting way.
The assembly at the end of the day bringing all of the classes together to show what they had learnt was an incredible celebration event for the whole school. All of the children went away keen to learn more and we have also introduced the signs into our daily lessons."​

Sawtry's super signers!

Nina McQueen, deputy head of Sawtry Infants school in Cambridgeshire says the children in her school loved learning sign language for the day.


"This was an excellent introduction to our 'Senses' works as part of our KS1 Science topic." she said.


"Andy, with his in-depth and personal knowledge of deafness and sign language, was able to engage the children in a session of active learning."


"The children learnt some basic sign language and a gained a sense of what it was like to be deaf or use sign language. We would highly recommend Andy to other schools and look forward to him visiting us again in the future." 


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