Here's some more feedback about Andy

"Andy explained the subject well, with humour. Putting sign language into context along with other forms of communication for the deaf was very interesting and the simple way he explained the isolation of deaf people was excellent." 

"Having done a course some years ago and forgotten most of it, he inspired me to get out my dictionary and refresh my memory" 


"Andy is a lovely chap who has put his heart into bringing an awareness of hearing impairment to the general public.  Very useful and interesting session delivered in a very enjoyable manner." 


"I thought it was a very useful and enjoyable session.  I particularly liked that Andy also gave us a bit of background and insight into the deaf community rather than just launch straight into a practical session."  


"His manner of delivery was also very good. He was personable and interacted well with all the attendees.  My interested has definitely been piqued by the session!"

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